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Rico Beats the Lipoma!

Axial Rico's Mass
Coronal MRI showing Rico's Mass

Rico is a six year old male neutered Border Collie Mix that started showing lameness in the right front limb in August, 2023.  Despite being on pain medications and anti-inflammatory drugs, the lameness progressed to him being non-weight bearing on that right front limb.  On neuro exam, Rico was non-weight bearing in the right front with a decreased withdrawal reflex in the right front limb.  A C6-T2 myelopathy (spinal cord pathology) or radiculopathy (nerve root pathology) was suspected.  MRI showed a large fatty mass within the right brachial plexus that was compressing the nerves in that region.  Dr. Bergh of Midwest Veterinary Specialists was able to successfully remove the mass while salvaging the limb (Great job Dr. Bergh!).  Rico is doing amazingly well now and getting better each and every day!