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Rosey is Determined to Run Again!

Rosey's Profile Picture
Sagittal MRI showing ANNPE

On 04/07/2024 Rosey stuck her head in a gopher hole during a weekend walk.  She jerked away quickly, yelped, and became non-ambulatory in all four limbs instantly.  On exam she was paralyzed on the left side of her body, non-painful, and unable to support weight on all four limbs.  An MRI of her cervical spine was performed, which showed evidence of a T2 intramedullary hyperintensity (pathology within the spinal cord) directly over the C2-C3 disc space.  A C2-C3 acute non-compressive nucleus pulposus extrusion (ANNPE) was diagnosed.  At her two-week recheck Rosey was already walking!  Way to go Rosey; you’ll be chasing gophers again in no time.